We'll have you laughing, smiling and screaming while you experience the thrills and chills of Six Gun City!

1. Tumbleweed Speedway Go-Karts
Got a need for speed? Well, then mosey over to the Tumbleweed Speedway and see if you have what it takes to top the competition. There are single karts for the experienced drivers and double karts for first timers and parents. To drive a single kart one must be at least 10 years old and 58" tall. All little wranglers must be at least 4 years old and 36" tall to ride in a double kart driven by someone at least 18 years old.

2. Gold Rush Express Runaway Train Roller Coaster
You'll want to make sure to be aboard this runaway train when it comes barreling down the track. Riders must be 36" tall to ride with an adult and 48" tall to ride alone.

3. Prospectors' Plunge Water Coaster
Climb the 40' tower and you'll get view of the surrounding area like you won't believe. But the real surprise comes when you board the raft. At first you can see everything, but then its lights out - you're scouting in the dark. It's a hoot! Must be 36" tall to ride and between 36" and 42" must go with an adult. Must be a minimum of 80lbs in the raft.

4. Tomahawk Run Water Slide
Be sure to bring your swimsuit for a thrilling ride on the spectacular Tomahawk Run complete with a 360 degree turn. Must be 36" tall to slide, between 36" and 48" tall must wear a life vest which are given out for your days use. Sorry, no doubles on this slide.

5. Cheyenne Falls Water Slide
This straight slide is a young child's favorite. Parents can even take a child down in their lap.

6. Timber Hollow Sawmill Ride
This one is for all the little cowpokes. Take a run around our elevated wooden track in a simulated log. It's been a kid's favorite for decades. Sorry adults- this is for kids only.

7. Log Boats
Enjoy paddling a simulated and unusual log boat on the Main Street pond. Families have enjoyed this ride for nearly 5 decades.

8. Stage Coach Ride
Get your family ready to climb into the Six Gun Stage (pulled by our team of fiberglass horses disguising a tractor-built for us by a Massachusetts renowned sculptor) and take a trip around the town. You can never tell, you just might be the victims of a stage robbery.

9. Giddy-Up-Corral Merry-Go-Round
What little wrangler doesn't like a ride on a merry-go-round horse? Parents can even stand next to their little ones to make sure they enjoy their ride.

10. Ice House Pond Bumper Boats
Bumper Boats are a real fun splashing family ride. Must be 36" tall to ride with an adult and 48" tall to ride alone.

11. Kiddie Bumper Boat Ride
This ride is just for all the little ones so they too can pilot their own bumper boat.

12. Papoose Pond Pedal Boats
A ride for the entire family.

13. Horse Ride for Kids
Put your foot in the stirrup and get set in the saddle for a short little ride on a Norwegian Fjord horse. Every little cowboy and cowgirls dream. Have you ridden a Fjord, lately?

14. Fort Splash Wading Pool
Kick off your boots and enjoy a real splash zone. This shallow pool has water play toys for the little wranglers cool off on.